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Anjali Babu Arangassery

Speech Language Pathologist

Master's Degree On Swallowing Disorders ,B.A.S.L.P. Talktools Level 1 & 2

Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI), Indian Speech and Hearing Association(ISHA).

  • Speech Language Pathologist in Heart medical center in Heart Medical Centre under the Marbella Speech therapy and Rehabilitation Centre in AlAin, Abudhabi
  • Atharva Rehabilitation center for pediatrics in ,Mumbai, India
  • Mount Seena Special School , Kerala , India
  • Speech therapist work with individuals of all ages, addressing issues such as articulation, language comprehension, stuttering, voice disorders and social communication skills.
  • Through various techniques and tailored interventions, speech therapist helps clients enhance their communication abilities promoting clear speech and improved overall communication
  • Additionally, they may collaborate with other healthcare professionals to address underlying causes of speech disorders, contributing to an individual of overall well-being.Swallowing therapy, formerly known as dysphagia therapy, it is a specialized area within speech language pathology focussed on assessing and treating difficulties related to swallowing.
  • Individuals with dysphagia may experience challenges in safety and efficacy moving food and liquids from the mouth to the stomach.
  • Speech therapists trained in swallowing therapy to identify the underlying causes of swallowing issues and develop personalized interventions.

Years of Experience