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Department of Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR)

A State of Art Hospital focusing on all aspects of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is a medical speciality, that helps people regain their body functions, they lost due to medical problems or injuries. This help many body conditions and functions to improve including movement and mobility, speech, reasoning, bowel and bladder problem, chewing and swallowing. Many medical conditions or injuries may affect your normal functioning but this therapy brings positive outcomes. This process also includes sports related injuries, their prevention and medication.

Conditions We Address:

Our services

Self-care skills, including activities of daily living (ADLs)

Understanding rehabilitation terminology

Pain management Medicine and alternative methods

Physical care Nutritional needs, medicine, and skin care

Mobility skills including walking, transfers, and self-propelling a wheelchair

Respiratory care, ventilator care, breathing treatments to promote lung function

Family support Assistance with adapting to lifestyle changes and discharge planning

Socialization skills, Interacting with others at home and within the community

Patient and family education and training about the condition, medical care, and adaptive techniques

Psychological counselling including Identifying problems and solutions with thinking, behavioural, and emotional issues

Cognitive skills including Memory, concentration, judgment, problem-solving.

Communication skills including Speech, writing, and alternative methods of communication

Vocational training, Work-related skills

Developing organizational skills

Revital offers both inpatient and outpatient, PM&R services at the Hospital.