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Fall Prevention Program

Balance, flexibility, and Strength Exercises.

Falls prevention treatment uses a variety of strategies to lower the risk of falling while engaging in physical activity. The overarching goal of a fall prevention program is to build feelings of security, safety, and confidence in the knowledge of one’s own physical abilities and limitations. The exercise programs include postural correction, strengthening, flexibility activities, dynamic balance, and locomotor performance training.

Who should use a fall prevention program?


We aim to help you:

Home safety information session

Interdisciplinary approach that gives you access to a diverse team of professionals who can address your fall risk factors.

Exercise program designed to improve overall strength, flexibility, proprioception, and posture to regain optimal gait and functional movements.

Home exercise information session

Patient empowerment model that encourages you to take an active role in fall risk prevention.

Evidence-based clinical practices so you receive high quality care.

At Revital Our team of leading experts can help you improve balance through exercise and training. The goal is to encourage activity, independence, and ongoing education to stay strong and injury-free .