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Long-Term Care Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation programme is based on an individualised and collaborative process that takes effect with long term/continuous support and care. The interventions offered by our team are designed in a way that you achive the best chances to grow, learn, heal, and change.

We Provide long-term Care services with customized multidisciplinary treatment:-

For Adults

For Adults

For Kids

For Kids

Ventilator Service & Ventilator weaning

Ventilator Service & Ventilator weaning

Our full spectrum of clinical care services includes:

IV Therapy

Neuromuscular Care

Nutritional Management

Pain Management

Stroke Care

Wound Care

Oxygen Therapy

Tube feedings

Diabetes Management

Post-Hospital & Post-Surgical Care

Medication Administration

Individualized Care Plans

Assistance with activities of daily living

Incontinent Care

Therapeutic and Special Diets

Dietary Management

Restorative Care

Antibotic Therapy

Cardiac Care

Pulmonary Care

 Our team of experienced professionals are here to assist you & your family
members with a range of services offered here:

In-House Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

Expansive Therapy Gym

Individualised support services

Home-like environment to encourage optimal health

Recreational activity for social integration

Regular patient/family meetings and education

Dietary Program