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Women’s Pelvic Health

At Revital, We offer multiple health solutions and treatment plan that will target your current problem and underlying causes. Treatment modalities vary according to your needs and may include relaxation and strengthening pelvic floor exercises, manual therapy, biofeedback, magnetotherapy, education and advice. We are specialized in providing, one-on-one care for the treatment of these conditions to help eliminate symptoms, regain function, and restore your quality of life. Our pelvic health specialists can help in treating related conditions such as:

Bladder problems

incontinence, urgency/frequency, difficulty urinating, bed wetting, and problems related to treatment for prostate or other pelvic cancer

Postpartum recovery

bladder problems, bowel problems, vaginal pain, abdominal pain, pain or problems related to caesarean section, pain or problems related to vaginal birth, diastasis rectus abdominus, prolapse prevention, core weakness and rehabilitation

Pelvic pain

pain in the vagina, vulva, rectum, bladder, abdomen, tail bone (coccyx), pudendal neuralgia, endometriosis, and pain with sexual intercourse

Pelvic organ prolapse

recovery or problems before or after pelvic surgery

Bowel problems

faecal incontinence and constipation


pelvic pain, back pain, or bladder problems

At Revital, All treatment options are agreed upon by the physiotherapist and the patient before implementation, Combined with a home exercise program, behavioural modification and patient education, the physiotherapist helps to guide patients through the management of pelvic floor disorders.