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What is Gait Training?

Gait training is the group of exercises aiming at improving your ability to walk. Your doctor may recommend gait training if you’ve had an illness or injury that affects your ability to get around. It may help you gain independence in walking, with or without an adaptive device.

Gait training can help:

It may also lower your risk of other illnesses, such as heart disease and osteoporosis. By increasing your physical activity and mobility. Choosing gait training over immobility may help protect and improve your overall health.

Who can benefit from gait training?

At Revital our doctors may recommend gait training if you are suffering walking impairment due to an injury, illness, or other health condition. For example, the following conditions can lead to difficulties with walking:

Children who require gait training due to neurological, or musculoskeletal disorders. may be recommended gait training before or after they start walking.

What does gait training involve?

Your doctor will likely encourage you to start gait training as soon as possible after an injury or illness that affects your ability to walk. They may recommend other forms of physical therapy and treatments too. You must be healthy enough for physical activity and movement before you begin. Your joints must also be strong enough to support gait training.

Once you’re healthy enough to start gait training, your therapist may assist you in gait training exercises. They can help support your bodyweight, provide stability, and offer other assistance.

Gait training commonly involves walking on a treadmill and other muscle strengthening activities. You may wear a harness while walking on the treadmill for weight bearing support. Your therapist may also ask you to practice stepping over objects, lifting your legs, sitting down, standing up, or other activities.

Our staff at Revital Rehabilitation Hospital is prepared to assist you with Your individual gait difficulties based on your physical capabilities which will determine the type, level, and duration of your training.