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Post Covid Rehabilitation

Revital Rehabilitation Hospital has introduced Post COVID recovery services that aims to cater the needs of every patient’s specific, post COVID symptoms under the best medical experts. Our aim is to help you restore your respiratory functioning remarkably. Our Services is in collaboration with the department of Pulmonary, Critical Care Medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Why Us

Our best, In class Respiratory Distress Rehabilitation program effectively manages:



Respiratory distress syndrome

Chronic Bronchitis


Sleep Apnea

Our Multi-Disciplinary treatment includes:

Resistance and Diaphragmatic breathing

Customized diet

Respiratory Muscle Training

Exercise Tolerance and Strength training

Chest Clearance

CPAP / BiPAP management

We Provide long-term Care services with customized multidisciplinary treatment:-

Doctors, nurses and caregivers available 24/7

Doctors, nurses and caregivers available 24/7

Respiratory  therapists

Respiratory therapists





This is how you benefit

Improved respiratory muscle strength

Functional lung capacity restored

Enhanced muscle endurance & mobility.

Increased exercise capacity

Better coping mechanism with exertional dyspnea in COPD