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Sardar Ismael

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

  • Bachelor of medicine and Surgery Gothenburg University/ Sweden
  • Master degree of medicine/ faculty of medicine Gothenburg University/ Sweden
  • Swedish board of Orthopedic surgeon Gothenburg/ Sweden
  • Arabic
  • Swedish
  • English
  • Kurdish

Member of the Swedish society for Orthopedic surgeon

  • Total joint replacement ( knee and hip)
  • Treatment of osteoporosis
  • Fracture fixation ( upper and lower limbs,clavicle, hand and foot)
  • Wrist injures and disorders ( scaphoid fracture and carpal instability)
  • Tendon cut and injury ( hand, foot and Achilles) and reconstraction of ankle ligament
  • Nerve injury and repair. Ganglion and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Sports injuries including articular meniscus and anterior cruciate ligamentreconstruction surgery by arthroscopy
  • Foot surgery ( hallux valgus, toe rigor, claw toe,hammar toe and metatarsaigia)
  • Spine pain and treatment ( cervical, dorsa and lumbar )

Years of Experience